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Sergio González’s secret weapon to save Cádiz CF

The coach was saved from dismissal at the last minute

The situation of Cadiz CF was worrying and all eyes were on the coach, Sergio Gonzalez. The technician his future was at stake in the yellow team in Valladolid, the city where he led the team until relegation. And that was where he got a breath of fresh air, as Álvaro Negredo gave the Cadiz team the first three points of the season in the 92nd minute.

Despite this, the team’s situation is still very complicated, since in the first six games they have accumulated 5 defeats, 1 victory, 14 goals against and only 1 for. That yes, the victory before the league break has given them a breath of fresh air, for they have even left the last place in the standings.

Sergio Cadiz
Rubén Alcaraz returned after his injury

Sergio González’s secret weapon at Cádiz CF

Until getting the first victory, the yellow coach has been testing several players in different elevens. But there is one that was fixed in his scheme last season that for the moment has not reached his best moment. A player who emerged as one of the team’s benchmarks in the second round of the championship.

That footballer is none other than Rubén Alcaraz, who arrived at Cádiz CF last winter market at the express request of Sergio González. Since then he has become one of the most beloved players by the fans, because from the first moment he proved to be a leader on the pitch.

Rubén Alcaraz, the best news for Cádiz CF

For the moment, the Catalan midfielder has only been able to play two games in the Santander League, always coming off the bench. And it is that the footballer has not been able to complete the preseason due to an injury that has kept him away from the pitch until just a few weeks ago.

But now Sergio González will be able to count on his extension on the pitch, as it is expected that during the league break the footballer will achieve optimal physical shape. In this way, and like last season, Cádiz CF is expected to grow around the figure of Rubén Alcaraz, who was key last season to maintain the category.



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