Saudi Arabia: What new facilities will be available from Abshar platform?

Saudi Arabia’s leading digital platform Abshar has introduced new facilities for domestic and foreign users.

Mohammed Al-Basami, director of the Public Security Department in Saudi Arabia, has inaugurated several new digital services through the Abshar platform in Riyadh.

Director of the Information Center, Dr. Issam Al Waqit, was present at the event.

According to the authorities, under the new facilities on the Abshar platform, local citizens and foreign residents can file objections against challans for traffic accidents.

In traffic accidents by persons injured, the injured party may withdraw in favor of the injured party.

According to the authorities, ownership of weapons can also be transferred through unauthorized persons, similarly, driving licenses can be issued through unauthorized persons.

It should be noted that Abshar is a digital platform that has more than 16 million registered users.

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