Publicis launches its new platform: Epsilon Retail Media

Publicis Groupe has announced the launch of a new retail media platform It is part of your Epsilon data drive. Under the name of Epsilon Retail MediaThe platform is based on Epsilon’s acquisition of CitrusAd three years ago. Publicis has stated that the offer will combine Epsilon’s proprietary identifier with artificial intelligence (AI) in the ad serverwhich “will drive better results across retailers’ own digital stores and other inventory based on their data«.

Epsilon has been key to Publicis’ growth in recent years. Therefore, Publicis hopes its identity solution can drive further growth in its retail media offering, which naturally depends heavily on identity. Be ID COREbased on a range of identifiers, including email, phone number, IP address, device data, various external data points, and first- and third-party cookies, is used to identify users across the web for targeting and measurement.

In particular, they detailed on the Epsilon Retail Media platform: Epsilon’s CORE AI technology is used to analyze potential buyers whenever an impression is available to make marketing decisions and this is augmented by the CORE ID. This data is used for targeted advertising. In this sense, Epsilon has highlighted that “Your AI learns over time what works and what doesn’t, helping you optimize your spending«.

Likewise, Epsilon explained this The presence of external data within your core ID is a key differentiator. «Our human-centered intelligence takes a completely different approach than traditional retail DSPs and media technology providers, which filter audiences based on where they are rather than who they are, excluding a large portion of shoppers that advertisers do in the first place want to achieve“, Has underlined Dave Peterson, General Manager and Global Head of Epsilon Retail Media.

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«They then evaluate their “best guess” about the buyer behind the impression, since their IDs are based on email addresses or other digital identifiers, not offline verified data. And when they evaluate the offer, they can only consider a few variables before making a decision.Peterson added.

«This announcement is another big step in the evolution of our platform, which began with the acquisition of CitrusAd in 2021“He hinted on his part John Giuliani, CEO of Epsilon. In his words: “With the launch of Epsilon Retail Media, we are introducing our customers to next-generation features that have not previously existed in this medium. We look forward to continuing to innovate in this space and provide solutions that enable advertisers and retailers to increase sales immediately while building the brand relationships they need to drive sales in the future.«.

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