Sasikala was once forced to clean houses with brooms and later became a hero.

Today there was talk of the famous Bollywood celebrity, Sasikala, who had become a movie heroine, but fate had written otherwise. Sasikala played a negative role in around 100 movies in her cinematic journey. Today we are going to tell you the story of Sasikala, which is nothing less than a movie. According to media reports, Sasikala was born into a very wealthy family. Sasikala’s father was a great businessman, so her childhood passed in complete comfort. However, luck turned the tide and Sasikala’s father hit the road.

Sasikala’s father is said to have been swindled in business. However, after the business collapsed, the entire Shashikala family moved to Mumbai. Here Sasikala’s real struggle began, she had to do the work of sweeping people’s houses to run the house. According to the news, Sasikala was fond of acting since childhood and in order to fulfill her hobby, she joined a theater group.

Meanwhile, people also started telling her that ‘you’re beautiful and you should try making movies’. Noor Jahan is said to have given Sasikala the first shot at the movie Zeenat. Sasikala was offered a small role in this film.

However, Sasikala gained more fame by playing ‘Vamp’ i.e. negative character instead of heroine. If we talk about Sasikala’s personal life, then she too has been quite controversial. Despite being married, Sasikala fell in love with a man and left her home and went abroad. However, after being deceived by this person, she returned to India and lived here with Mother Teresa for almost nine years.

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