Santiago Matías says he will not attend the appointment of Public Shows: “We are not going to waste time”

The producer Santiago Matias (Alofoke) informed this Thursday that he will not attend the call for appointment that the National Commission for Public Entertainment and Radiophony (CNEPR) requested for next Wednesday, May 31, on “the impact of digital platforms, specifically YouTube”.

“I thank, I return and reiterate, the president of Public Shows, but I will not attend this coming Wednesday at 11:00 in the morning at his facilities, there in culture, we are not going to waste time,” Matías said live on their platforms.

The producer insisted that he will not apologize “for any word I said that day, obscene or not,” through a broadcast last Tuesday.

“Because it is something that I feel from the heart of each of the people that I expressed myself to that day, I am not going to apologize for that, I feel every word, everything that I said in my heart of each of those people who have tried to tarnish the image of this company and Santiago Matías”, he insisted.

Likewise, he said that, “to each and every one of those who want the head of Santiago Matías and Alofoke radio to work, to win us over by working, not to win us over with slander, with advice full of envy and demagoguery and with dirty tricks.” .

In the letter, Joseph Báez, president of the CNEPR, predicts that “we can reach agreements that redound in favor of society”.

The meeting on May 31, at 11:00 in the morning, will be with the plenary session of the CNEPR in the ministerial hall of the Ministry of Culture.

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Matías is frequently questioned by people who understand that the type of language and vocabularies that are broadcast on their platforms They go beyond the norms established by society.

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