Home Tech Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will surprise you with the build quality

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will surprise you with the build quality

THE Samsung is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices such as Android smartphones and smartwatches from the Samsung Galaxy Watch line. Thus, the South Korean giant will continue to bring new iterations of these products and, more specifically, will launch the Samsung Galaxy 5 Watch during the summer of 2022, according to rumours.

It is important to note, first of all, that the South Korean firm presented the current Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in mid-2021. That is, the brand must maintain the presentation schedule. Meanwhile, the leaks bring us new details about the best of the upcoming smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may bring sapphire glass and titanium body

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Golf Edition
The smartwatch of the current generation Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Golf Edition.

The latest information alluding to the next generation smart watch was shared by filter ice universe through the social network Twitter. This is one of the most prolific sources with a strong track record of reliability, so we tend to heed their forecasts for releases and new devices.

The post in question is extremely succinct, as we can see below.

Galaxy Watch5 ProSapphire glassTitanium

— Universe of ice (@UniverseIce) May 14, 2022

Currently, most high-end smartwatches are made of aluminum or stainless steel. However, Samsung will want to go a step further by using a new metallic alloy of titanium, extremely popular in the world of watchmaking due to the lightness of the metal.

Therefore, if this prediction materializes, we will have a new top-of-the-range model, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, also available with a titanium case, possibly in its top-of-the-range version. It should be noted that currently Samsung’s biggest rival and leader in the wearableApple already offers its watches (in some versions) with a titanium case/construction.

Therefore, it is natural that Samsung wants to bring to market a product with similar characteristics so as not to be left behind by the North American competitor. In addition, you can also strengthen the glass you use to protect your screens.

In addition to the titanium case we can have a new sapphire crystal

The current Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic smartwatch.

It should be noted that sapphire crystal is more durable and scratch-resistant than the “normal” glass, known as mineral crystal, that covers most common watches. So by employing not only a new material for the watch case, but also one of the best types of glass to protect its screen, we’ll see significant improvements in build quality.

On the other hand, the new watches in the Galaxy Watch 5 range should maintain the general design of the current models. In addition, they will keep the rotating bezel to navigate through the WearOS system developed in collaboration with Google.

Finally, we expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to have smaller bezels to fit a larger screen. At the moment, however, this is the maximum extent of the information we have.

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