Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will honor the Galaxy Note with this (new) design!

Early next year, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and other members of the S22 range, will include several design changes, as well as the general enhancement of its features. However, there is a possible confirmation of an attribute that could convince users and fans of the Galaxy Note line to buy one of the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In question are the rumors that have reached the Internet in recent weeks, pointing to this model as support for the needle S-Pen, as well as the existence of a slot in the body of the phone to store it. In short, the next Ultra will be the closest to a Galaxy Note that you can find on the market in 2022.

S-Pen is Virtually Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

We have different sources of information, but they all point to the same conclusion: the integrated pen of the S22 ultra can be determined 100%.

– Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) September 24, 2021

The testimony of Twitter profiler Ice Universe @UniverseIce adds his voice to the hypothesis previously reported by 4gnews.

This source also quotes the Dutch publication, Galaxy Club, stating that we will even have a hole and slot to store the S-Pen on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones. In fact, the filter is 100% convinced of this hypothesis.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Digital renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Credit: OnLeaks / Digit

If this is confirmed, it would mean a significant change in Samsung’s portfolio. Note that, until now, only devices in the Samsung Galaxy Note range had this feature, the S-Pen included in its body.

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Therefore, if verified in the S22 Ultra, this would mean the definitive end of the Note range, as well as its assimilation into the S range. For the user, this could lead to a better organization of the South Korean manufacturer’s product launches.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Possible internal structure of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and S-Pen slot.

That is, instead of having to choose between the Galaxy S to arrive at the beginning of each year, or the Note, normally presented in August, we would have a single launch, in the first quarter.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the “new” Galaxy Note in 2022

I am assuming Samsung uses the smallest possible area in the camera area, which can save some weight and use this weight for SPen to keep the total weight of the phone unchanged at 228g.

– Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) September 27, 2021

So far, the S-Pen can be used on the Galaxy S21 Ultra model, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold3. However, it cannot be stored within these devices, as is the case with all models in the Samsung Galaxy Note line.

Therefore, we have significant changes to the design and construction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra model to accommodate this component.

In short, for S-Pen enthusiasts and fans of the Galaxy Note line (a range that we will probably not see again, the best alternative will be the Galaxy S22 Ultra).

Finally, we will have to wait for the official presentation of this team to confirm, or deny, such a possibility.

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