Home Sports Sabadell-Mataró, new season of an exciting series

Sabadell-Mataró, new season of an exciting series

Sabadell-Mataró, new season of an exciting series

Women’s water polo has found a major duel, between two clubs capable of fighting with the same passion for a Queen’s Cup as for a Champions League, which have won all the season finals, from the Catalunya Cup to the highest continental competition. CN Sabadell has won the League, Cup and Champions League, while CN Mataró has only been able to lift the Super Cup. Although the titles have taken over only one of the showcases, Dani Ballart’s season has been magnificent.

“CN Sabadell was designed to win everything, we grew a lot to fight with them. We arrived just on a physical level, from the bottom of the closet. We have inexperience and youth. It’s okay, you have to believe, we are on the right track”, commented the coach after the third match of the League final: “It was a successful season, we had a good time and all the players want to continue. Next year we will come back stronger and we will win more titles”.

While the CN Mataró will have the loss of Maria Elena Sanchez, international goalkeeper who hangs up her swimsuit, has been reinforced with Mariona Tarré, who is also beginning to appear for salvation. CN Sabadell will lose elena ruizwho will sign for a CN Sant Andreu that wants to strengthen its squad, but like every season it will have the highest budget to build a winning squad. Once again, between both teams and in an Olympic year, there will be a rivalry that had as its most tense point the distribution of tickets in the third match of the final.

CN Mataró made a balanced distribution of tickets in the second game of the final played in the pool, but CN Sabadell only distributed 25 tickets to those of Maresme. The club that won the final argued that it tried to change the third game to Sunday to be able to play in the Olympic swimming pool, but that Mataró refused as a player already had the return tickets to his country bought. Finally, the match was played on Saturday in the pool with the smallest capacity and priority is given to CN Sabadell members, who number 21,000. El Mataró, who finally managed to get 60 people in, was outraged. “We congratulate the girls but not the club. What they have done is not good at all”, commented a CN Mataró player. “Everyone does what they believe. Karma ends up coming for everyone. We are going in a good line, we have to forget it”, concluded Ballart. The next season, new episodes of an exciting duel.

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