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VIDEO: Hardik Pandya thought his teammate would stay, he completely ignored him; I didn’t listen to Rohit Sharma

 VIDEO: Hardik Pandya thought his teammate would stay, he completely ignored him;  I didn't listen to Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, Akash Madhwal and Hardik Pandya

The 33rd match of IPL 2024 was played between Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians on April 18 at the Mullanpur Stadium in Chandigarh. At one point in this game, the Mumbai Indians team’s grip seemed to be very strong but Ashutosh Sharma’s innings of 61 runs made the game completely exciting. A scene was also seen during the match where Mumbai Indians team captain Hardik Pandya was completely ignored by his own teammate Akash Madhwal. Akash was tasked with bowling the last innings by Mumbai and at that point the Punjab Kings team needed 12 runs to win.

While fielding, Akash ignored Hardik in front of Rohit.

At the end of 19 overs, the Punjab Kings team had scored 181 runs for a loss of 9 wickets, after which they needed 12 more runs to win. In such a situation, Mumbai Indians handed over the responsibility of bowling the over to Akash Madhwal and due to the slow over rate at that time, the Mumbai team was only allowed to field four fielders outside 30 yards. In such a situation, when Akash Madhwal was talking to Rohit Sharma about the strategy of getting the fielders in the right position, at the same time current captain Hardik Pandya also came there but instead of talking to him, Akash talked to Rohit. The video of this is now going viral on social media. Akash bowled the first ball over the wicket and with Rabada out on the next ball, Punjab’s innings in this match was reduced to 183 and the Mumbai Indians team won this match by 9 runs.

Hardik also had to deal with finesse after the match

Mumbai Indians team captain Hardik Pandya faces a fine from BCCI after his team’s win in the match. The Mumbai team’s over rate against Punjab was very slow, which is why they fielded just 4 fielders outside the 30 yards in the last two overs. Hardik was fined Rs 12 lakh for violating the IPL code of conduct for the first time this season. In this case, if this mistake occurs again, Hardik will have to face a fine of Rs 24 lakh, while the support staff will also be fined along with the rest of the team’s players.

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