Ryan Reynolds released Deadpool-Bambi crossover to Disney

Always completely behind your character dead Pool that embodies perfectly from 2016 (Let’s forget the turnip X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009), the actor Ryan reynolds never stops touring the world of cinema and pop culture. He recently revealed that he released Disney a concept of crossing between Deadpool and bambi, the fawn of the animated Disney. First dead Pool charged $ 763 million in global revenue for a small budget of 50 million. Since then, a second movie has arrived in 2018 and a Deadpool 3 appears in the pipes, according to recent statements by Reynolds. Passed under the aegis of Disney after the purchase of the Fox, Deadpool, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will be positioned by Kevin feige in the gigantic MCU.

In an interview with IGN, Ryan Reynolds returned to his idea for a short film that he had released to Disney, as if to celebrate the arrival of Wade wilson in the firm with big ears:

“I wanted to make a short film of Deadpool interviewing the hunter who killed Bambi’s mother. But the bottom line is that Deadpool is actually a huge fan of the story. He’s not questioning, he just wants to know how he could be the most hated Disney character in Disney history … and of course Disney responded, “Well, I think this project is never going to happen.”

In full promotion, the actor will perform in the highly anticipated Free Guy by Shawn Levy, which will hit our theaters on August 11. As for Deadpool 3, should be the first R-rated film proposed by Disney, in order to maintain the logical artistic connection with the films of Tim Miller and David Leitch.

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