Russian attack troops enter the town of Robotine near Zaporizhzhia

The Russian attack troops They moved into the city and became strong there robotin the southern region of ZaporizhiaThe Russian Defense Ministry reported this on Thursday. This information was confirmed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr Sirski., who explained that “the “The enemy continues its offensive actions in many directions of the front line.”.

The military chief of Zelensky He said the situation was particularly tense in the Avdiiv and Zaporizhia directions, “where Russian assault units are trying to break through the defenses of our troops and capture the settlements of Tonenke, Orlivka, Semenivka, Berdychi and Krasnohorivka,” said Sirskyi, who added that Intense fighting takes place in the districts of Verbovoy and the aforementioned city of Robotine.

“In the control images taken by a drone, you can see how Attack groups a motorized regiment of the Southern Military District, supported by main battle tanks “They are invading the cities and settling in one of Robotine’s key buildings,” Defensa said on his Telegram channel.

The military statement emphasizes that the operation was carried out in a coordinated manner by various units of the armed forces.

“Before the attack, Our tank unit has opened a path through the minefields. After us, the infantry aboard armored transports began to enter Robotine.the report quotes a tank commander who was involved in the attack.

robot It is located 70 kilometers southeast of Zaporizhia, the capital of the region of the same name, controlled by the Kiev government.

The city, which had a population of 480 in 2001, was captured by the Russian army on March 6, 2022, almost two weeks after Moscow began its military operation in Ukraine. On August 28 last year, Ukrainian troops recaptured Robotine.

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This Wednesday the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu said that last week the Russian army drove out Ukrainian forces from the cities of Pobeda, Lastochkine and Severne in the Donetsk region. annexed by Moscow in September 2022 along with the Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

The spokesman for the Ukrainian military group “Tavria”, Dmitro Likhovi, previously confirmed the withdrawal of Kiev forces from the villages of Stepove and Severne, where, according to him, about a hundred people lived before the war.

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