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The Royal Blood singer spoke to us and recommended some luxurious music projects.

It’s true that rock with powerful riffs may not be booming like it used to… but Bands like Royal Blood kept it interesting through a 10-year career in which they released four albums.

So it’s fair to say that the combo is composed Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher It is a reference for many bands looking for a space to make themselves known, everything from energy, power, passion and authenticity.

Interview with Mike Kerr: Royal Blood
Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr. Photo: Getty

Royal Blood had to be there this up-and-coming band that desperately wanted to grow while opening concerts for legendary bands (e.g. Foo Fighters). Now, with more than a decade of experience, they are the ones who find themselves in a moment of support other projects so that they receive greater recognition.

Hot Wax and Bad Nerves: The current favorite bands of Mike Kerr from Royal Blood

In a recent interview with, Mike Kerr told us a little about how The term “savior of rock” can be a bit confusing with the understanding that the genre doesn’t really need saving.

Honestly, I don’t think (rock music) needs saving.. I think the music we make is based on everything you’ve heard before and without it there would be nothing.” the Royal Blood singer told us.

Royal Blood explained why they were angry at the audience for not being excited to see them live
Royal Blood/Photo: Getty Images

In the United Kingdom, one of the musical cradles par excellence, bands are constantly emerging that have big plans. One of them is The Last Dinner Party, who released their wonderful debut album in 2024 Prelude to ecstasy.

They are perhaps the best known emerging British band at the moment. But they are not the only proposal worth focusing on. At least on the Royal Blood bassist’s radar, there are a few groups where we can find great things: Bad nerves and hot waxwhich he mentions when we ask him about his current favorite bands

Hot Wax is a great band from England. There’s another band called Bad Nerves, which is also a punk rock band from there.. We played a lot of shows with these guys. This is proof that there are great bands out there. I would say they are my two favorites at the moment.“.

Who is HotWax?

In 2023, HotWax was listed by NME as “Britain’s next big guitar band”a label that any aspiring project would be happy to read.

But who are they and what do they do? It all started in 2019 with Tallulah Sim-Salvaje (vocals and guitarist) and Lola Sam (bassist)who decided at the age of 15 to channel her problems into music.

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During their time at school, the two friends suffered from being bullied by their classmates. But just this complicated moment It helped them strengthen not only their friendship but also their creativity.. When they then entered Brighton Music College, they found themselves in an environment where they felt like they didn’t fit into the traditional classroom.

Royal Blood Recommendations
Hot wax. Photo: Facebook.

But even when they felt that, It was at this school that they found Alfie Sayers, which would complete their current lineup. From 2020 they began releasing their first self-released singles such as “Stay Cool” and “Pat the Killer Cat”.

Currently HotWax has released two EPs, A thousand times And Kindly invite meboth in 2023. The band defines itself as a band with enormous teenage punk power. However, a very clear influence of alternative rock from the 90s can be felt in their songs.

Some British media have classified HotWax as a strange email incredible connection between grunge and post-punk…and now we understand why Mike Kerr from Royal Blood counts this band as one of his current favorites. We recommend the songs “Treasure”, “All I Want” and “Phone Machine”.

The punk energy of Bad Nerves

In contrast to HotWax, Bad nerves have a little more success. And it’s strange how various forums and blogs have described the band… Some say it is “Mick Jagger will sing with the Sex Pistols”and others have them as ““the bastard child of a one-night stand between the Ramones and the Strokes”.

And if we were to do our own benchmark comparison, we would believe so They combine the best of IDLES and The Hives. In any case, this is the most tangible thing This band has its strongest roots in fast, high-voltage punk..

Royal Blood Recommendations
Bad nerves. Photo: Facebook.

Bobby Nerves is the leader of the band, who released their self-titled debut album in 2020. They are songs with simple structures, three chords and precise strumming They take you back to the indefatigable figure and hand of Johnny Ramone.

And suddenly the band adds some hints of rock ‘n’ roll and garage rock from the late ’60s and early ’70s. The songs we recommend from Bad Nerves to get you in the groove are “Palace”, “Baby Drummer”, “Radio Punk”, “Can’t Be Mine” and “Dreaming”…We assure you that you will not regret it. These are great recommendations from Mike Kerr of Royal Blood.

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