The second part of the fifth season of the Spanish crime and drama webseries ‘Money Heist’ will premiere on December 3. The magic of this series is speaking above people’s heads. Today we are going to talk about a character from ‘Money Heist’ that everyone hates, the name of this wonderful and memorable character is ‘Arturo Román’ and it is named after the Spanish actor Enrique Arce. Has acted. In the ‘Money Heist’ web series, ‘Arturo’ has been described as greedy, petty, and extremely opportunistic.

We tell you that the story of actor Enrique Arce is no less than a movie. According to media reports, Enrique wanted to be a lawyer, he studied law for three years, but things did not calm down. It is said that after this Enrique Arce decided to try his luck in acting. Enrique Arce has completed an acting course at the American Institute of Dramatic Arts. It is said that the actor Enrique Arce had appeared on a television program and with the money he earned paid the fees for the American Institute of Dramatic Art.

Really interesting story of Arturo from Money Heist, wanted to become a lawyer, became an actor

If we talk about personal life, Enrique was married to the Spanish actress Christiana. However, there was no coordination between the two and they divorced. On the other hand, in the professional field, Enrique, who began his career with the television series ‘Petro Delicado’, is a well-known name in the world of glamor and has worked in numerous television series, programs and films until now.



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