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Real Sociedad spends money on Athletic discards

The txuri urdin team is going through a moment of economic prosperity but they cannot stop thinking about their eternal rival

Real Sociedad is going through one of the best moments in its history but is very aware of Athletic’s discards. Of the discards, of the present, of their matches… in Donosti they are not capable of forgetting their eternal rival. Never. They live with the weight of history on their shoulders and no matter how many successes they achieve, they always have to compare themselves with Athletic.

Not even in these times, in which Real Sociedad aims to play the next Champions League, can they stop looking at Bilbao. An example is the recent signing of Mikel Goti, one of Athletic’s discards. A player with no projection in the First Division, who Athletic lets go after analyzing his performance for years.

Mikel Goti Real Sociedad
Real Sociedad takes over Mikel Goti

Real Sociedad attacks Athletic’s discards

However, as if they lived in a parallel reality, from San Sebastián the opposite is sold. “What a player Mikel Goti is”, “what a left foot, what a talent”… are some of the messages that can be read through social networks. Obviously, Real Sociedad need to deal a blow to Athletic. They are not worth it with their good dynamics.

Historically, Athletic has always been nourished by homegrown players from Real Sociedad and other Basque teams. This circumstance hurts a lot in Donosti, so much so that they are not able to enjoy their achievements without keeping an eye on their rival. Now that they are doing well and have money, President Aperribay has a clear objective.

Aperribay seeks to hit Athletic

The reality is that Mikel Goti has not been able to avoid the relegation of Bilbao Athletic to the Second RFEF. That he has only scored 5 goals. And that he is going to turn 21 this month, an age at which, if he had the level that is said, he would already be playing in the First Division. The Real society He does what he has been doing for years. Looking to score a goal for Athletic.

He signs him because it’s free and because, if he breaks as a footballer, they can always say that Real Sociedad is capable of turning history around and raising Athletic players. We will have to see what happens over time. In the end the waters always return to their course. The reality is one: the Real feeds on discards from Athletic.

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