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Golden opportunity for Fernando Alonso to reach the Red Bull

The Imola Grand Prix may be a turning point in the fight between important cars

Red Bull’s current dominance in the Formula 1 World Championship may be less from Imola and this could be of benefit to Fernando Alonso. The two drivers of the Austrian team, Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez, have taken all the victories so far, but everything could change.

Thus, Red Bull has opened the door to Fernando Alonso. After five races seeing an unbeatable car, Christian Horner, team boss, admits that the sanction imposed on them by the FIA ​​months ago will begin to show at the next grand prix, where he does not rule out that the rivals will get quite close.

Fernando AlonsoRed Bull
The two-time world champion will have a key opportunity to go for Verstappen and Checo

Fernando Alonso takes advantage of the Red Bull situation to achieve another success

I think the budget limit hours sanction will start to hurt from the next race in Imola, which is where the big improvements will come from. We have to be very selective with the parts that we want to test to develop the car”, comments Horner through a media outlet.

Following this line, Horner is clear that the fact of having to slow down development does not mean that they are going to lower their arms; the other way around, They plan to redouble their efforts to continue improving in everything they can. “With the penalty, we have to develop the car later in the year.”

Mike Krack, head of Aston Martin spoke about the news for his team

Everything is going in the direction desired by Aston Martin so that Red Bull opens the door for Fernando Alonso to victory 33. The British team introduced in Baku the first of the improvements that it has planned for the next races: the claimed new rear wing that would improve the effectiveness of the DRS.

This novelty worked well in Miami, but more is expected for Imola, as Mike Krack, an engineer for the British Aston Martin team, announced some time ago. “Youwe’ll drop every little improvement as soon as it’s ready, instead of waiting to bundle everything into big packages“Krack warns.

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