Repeatedly the figure of Antonio Blanco has lined the engine room in the RCD Espanyol. And it is that the young Real Madrid midfielder is one of the best players in the environment, with enormous talent in the midfield axis and an outstanding performance in the minor teams in Spain.

In order to be the player you want to be Luis de la Fuente, you need to start gaining minutes and that is what it offers you Vicente Moreno. The coach had in fact already been on top of that possibility in the past, taking into account his great performance and the reports received from the sports management.

Now it is Real Madrid that would be pressing for answers. They need their player to finish training and they don’t have a better outlook than this. They know that at Espanyol merengue talent is valued too much, as has happened in the past, with several examples on the table such as Lucas Vázquez and Marco Asensio.

The idea is that it is transferred if possible right now in the winter market. In this way, it would shorten the set-up times and could join the activity as soon as possible. In the past the player would have rejected a similar offer hoping to have better options in the primary team. But Ancelotti has been the bearer of bad news and forcing the current situation.

There were alternatives before and the illusion was full, but it was only until the arrival of the new French jewel. With the signing of Camavinga all the lights have been turned off and the road has become rugged. There are no longer minimal chances and the level of the former Rennes player has eaten the whole toast. In fact, he has already been a starter, and has interacted in a great way with the heavyweights.


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