Bamba goes to Celta’s exit door

Given the recent financial mess surrounding the departure of Rafa Benítez, the Galician team needs to find financial sources to survive next season and the Ivorian attacker is a solution

He RC Celta has to dig deep into his pockets to pay the compensation Rafa Benitezand one of the solutions could be given Jonathan Bamba. It is true that the African winger was important in some games, such as against the Sevilla FC, but the need to make money predominates more to obtain the necessary resources for the next season.

For Claudio Giraldez The Ivorian attacker is an important part of their attacking plan, but above all for the club’s financial well-being. In this way, the coach already came up with the idea Bamba will leave RC Celta in the next summer market. What follows now is this Marco Garces Look for the best offer to sell the current champion Africa.

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Celta expects to receive at least 10 million euros for Bamba. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

Celta let Bamba go for between 10 and 15 million euros

The fact that the 28-year-old striker joined Celtic as a free agent is a huge plus when it comes to making money. Although the attacker had a base value of 20 million at the time of his arrival in Balaídos, this value has currently fallen to 10 pounds. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to undercut it, especially in this situation.

Although there are no concrete offers for Bamba yet, the Mexican coach does not lose hope of making a big profit with his departure.. The payment of the remaining years of the contract due to the departure of Rafa Benítez has forced Celta to take such measures. The worrying thing is that the Ivorian will not be the only one sacrificed.

Larsen accompanies Bamba to the starting lineup at Celta

Another big sale that the Celtiña team has recorded is that of striker and goalscorer Strand Larsen. The Norwegian was one of the best in the Celtic squad and the numbers don’t lie. The 11 goals and 2 assists this season have put him in the portfolio of many teams in LaLiga and even more in the Premier League.

The Nordic striker is estimated to be worth 20 million euros and that would be the minimum sum to start negotiating his exit. Along with Jonathan Bamba, the Viking attacker will be one of the big victims for Claudio Giráldez. Because the coach does not agree with the departure of the former Groninger, and even less if he is the team’s current goalscorer.

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