The footballer has been sentenced for the crime that was pointed out to him and the Celtic club does not know what to do

Finally the striker Celtic RC, Santi Mina, has been sentenced to four years in prison and to pay a fine of 50,000 euros to his victim. Let us remember that the footballer was singled out sexually assault to a young woman in Almería in 2017. The third section of the Almería Provincial Court has found the 26-year-old player guilty.

Although Santi Mina has the possibility of resource since it is a preventive sentence and do not sign, the Galician club look for all the possible options to remove the footballer from the team. Your president Carlos Mourino He has referred to the unfortunate situation that drags the image of Celta. For now, the only thing they can do is remove the player from the squad.

Celta Santi Mina
Santi Mina’s sentence was preventive and not firm, this protects him from being fired from the club.

The Workers’ Statute protects Santi Mina from dismissal by RC Celta

The president and directors of Celta agree that the attacker from Vigo should not only be removed from the team but also fired and banned forever. However, the Workers’ Statute protects the player and his contract cannot be terminated just like that. There are some articles that protect the striker’s contractual situation.

In the first place, Santi Mina was sentenced at first instance and with the option of appeal, the sentence is not final. In case he has to enter a prison, his contract is suspended but not cancelled. Until the summer of 2024 the contractual obligation between the two parties (player – team) will end and at that time Santi Mina will continue to receive his normal salary.

A lawyer specialized in Labor Law affirms that Celta can fire Santi Mina without a final sentence

Fabián Valero, a lawyer specialized in Labor Law, explains that if it is possible to cancel the player’s contract, even if he has a preventive sentence. This appeals to Celta’s image, which has been tarnished and undermined by an extra-sports act perpetrated by one of his players. “Article 17.2 of the Royal Decree that regulates the work activity of professional athletes allows these workers to be sanctioned when their extra-sports activities notoriously undermine the image of the club” explains the man of rights.

Finally, Valero argues that the. RC Celta is not only a football team, but the construction of many social factors that give Vigo its identity. “The image of the Club is the result of a collective process, built with dedication and work over the years. All the members of the Club are, therefore, responsible for preserving and improving the image of trust, credibility and loyalty of the followers. This task is essential to continue on the path of excellence and exert a good influence on the community in which it operates”.


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