Rafely Rosario: “I went through a spiritual healing process, God was with me and that’s why I’m back in music

Rafely Rosario lives a period of stability and a renewed enthusiasm for the merengue that buried that time of emotional crisis in which he gained so much weight that he underwent surgery to improve his physical condition and, on another occasion, disappeared in New Jersey, where he was found in a hospital the next day.

During an interview with Listín Diario, the young merenguero confessed that he was able to cope with this situation thanks to the closeness he had with God and the support that his family gave him during this “difficult process” of life.

“God has been fundamental in that process. He has accompanied me, and of course, I have also looked for him. I am not a Christian, but I have a communion with him, a very beautiful relationship,” said Rafely.

He also stated that everything that happened allowed him to be a better version of himself.

“I went through a spiritual healing process, God was with me and that’s why I’m back in music,” he said.

Then he added: “I am spiritually and mentally healthy, grateful for life and especially for God who gave me a new opportunity to continue working.”

While he expressed, regarding the normalization of mental health issues on social networks, that he was one of the first figures to address this problem publicly. However, at that time “it was something that shocked a lot”, because it was not often that artists openly exposed their personal lives.

He also urged young people who are going through a similar situation to seek psychological and clinical help, but “first they seek God and talk, let off steam, because when you repress things it’s worse, it’s like when you fill a glass of water, it comes out.” all in the end.”

In the same way, he advised that during this situation “they lean on their family”, because it is the engine to face any complicated situation that life may present.

He expressed this from his personal perspective, since during his process he felt supported by his relatives and that is why he was able to get out of that dark path, as he revealed.

Rafely also stated that his inspiration to move on and continue creating music is his mother.

“You know that one makes a promise to the old and that is what inspires me. Mommy, in addition to the fact that she inspires me, encourages me with her advice and her things, ”she said with love about her mother, Josefa.

“I want to fulfill my dreams to tell mommy that I did it and for people to see that it can be done,” he said.

part of a dynasty

He was very young when he started in music, in one of the most impressive merengue groups in the country, which included his parents and uncles, already established as veteran merengueros.

Even so, he did not feel overshadowed by his family’s trajectory, rather, “that has been a blessing for me,” he said.

“Remember that everyone has to line up, to be successful everyone must grow their yucca,” he proudly exclaimed, also referring to the fact that he has built his own path, although the musical legacy of “Los Rosario” has opened up many doors, he has had to work for his own success.

“It hasn’t been easy, but thank God I’ve been successful and I can’t complain. That it takes a long way, yes, it takes a long time, but I still have youth to move forward ”.

He added: “When you start a dream or a race, you want it to be fast, but God’s timing is perfect.”


With the release of the song ”We are no longer nor will we be”, he marked the beginning of his new musical project. The song composed by the Mexican Christian Nodal, was adapted by the merenguero with arrangements by Israel Casado, in a fusion of youthful, traditional merengue and Mexican music.

This single is not the only thing in Rosario’s repertoire, since she estimates that by mid-July she will be releasing her album ”El Caribe”, which will consist of 10 songs, ranging from bachata to ballads.

“I know it will be very cool, because we did it with all the love in the world and with all the quality that my family has always done.”

In addition, he announced that for this new album there is a collaboration with a youth artist, but indicated that “due to the way of working” the artist cannot reveal who he is at the moment.

He also indicated that the album includes a series of musical rhythms that he had not included before, “I have the facility to interpret different musical genres and I wanted people to see that I am a complete artist,” said the artist.

He stated that he is preparing a tour in July for the United States, and a presentation in the country, in Chao on the 22nd of the same month.

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