Home Sports Qualifiers: Brazil was an orchestra and Uruguay, a bewilderment

Qualifiers: Brazil was an orchestra and Uruguay, a bewilderment

Qualifiers: Brazil was an orchestra and Uruguay, a bewilderment

Raphinha grabs her from the right, with a changed leg, and he paints Viña with a pipe. After a while, Paquetá does the same on the left and Now the one who eats the tunnel is Nández. Not much happens until Neymar goes down to the middle and starts throwing hats while dodging rival legs and one of them catches up with him. At this point, just halfway through the first half, Brazil was already 2-0 against Uruguay … Uruguay was knocked out, supported only by the clock strings and, especially, by Muslera, a true army of one man, with a worthy performance – he saved no less than seven goal balls – from the 33 Orientals. The final 4-1 left Brazil (31 units) to one point from Qatar already Uruguay (16) in the repechage zone.

If against Argentina the team of Maestro Tabárez had the consolation of running into an immense Draw Martínez in the first half, at the Amazonia Arena in Manaus, not even that. The Brazilian dominance was total and transferring it to the scoreboard only took him 10 minutes. Fred, that midfielder who participates in all the plays, put a big bounce to Neymar who, as if he were the least dangerous of his own, received only in the middle of the area, killed her chest, let Muslera pass and defined between Coates’ legs. After a while, Paquetá sent Nández to one side and he went to the other, he threw the center for a dirty shot by Neymar – again without a mark – that Raphinha ended up pushing almost on the line before De la Cruz’s save attempt .

There is no exaggeration in saying that Brazil spent it fingering inside the Uruguayan area, with the laureate Godín going from one place to another and even succumbing to his knees before Raphinha’s hooks. Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds man, indomitable, debuted in his team on this triple date and, by the third game, he was already the starter. At 58, he sealed his double with a fierce blow after a pass from Neymar. A true find from Tite who closed the Playoff window with two goals and two assists in just 144 minutes.

Uruguay was “sustained” by Muslera and by the as much fun as excessive local groping before defining. Very far from the Brazilian area, the Celeste thing passed through the occasional long-distance shot, rushed by the loneliness of its attackers. Finally, through this route he managed to decorate the result, with a free kick from the ever-present Luis Suárez at 77. Of course, it did not take long for the local to put in its place the celestial audacity with a center from Neymar and a header from Gabigol who, this time, found a weak response from the visitor: 4-1.

It is true that the Maestro’s team did not have an easy time on this triple date, but what was shown against Colombia (0-0), Argentina (0-3) and Brazil was much more worrying than the meager point harvested.


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