Professional League: Banfield and Godoy Cruz tied and did not achieve their goals

Banfield and Godoy Cruz equalized 1-1 in a match that was the continuation of the clash of the week for the Argentine Cup and that qualified Banfield for the semifinals on penalties. The Mendocinos won 1-0 at the Florencio Sola stadium with a goal from Thomas Badalonijust four minutes after the VAR canceled a goal against Néstor Breitenbruch for offside. Nevertheless, Andres Chavezof penalrescued a point for the team he leads Claudio Vivas

And although there was no winner again, the two left this time with their heads down.. banfield that He came from two defeats in a row in the League, he has four games without winning and Eight points behind the continental cups in the annual table, it is more than clear that it depends on winning the Argentine Cup to be international again in 2023. Godoy Cruz could not achieve his objectives either: he has six dates without victories (three defeats and three draws), he was unable to save himself from relegation (he lacks one point) nor get close to the classification zone for the South American (he was four behind Tigre, for now the last one to enter that competition).

Banfield went out to look for him from the entrance. Vivas proposed with 4-2-3-1 with Cuero, Ríos and Urzi behind Chávez, with the idea of ​​beating the Mendocinos on the wings and supplying the former Boca from above, in his old position of number 9. And he succeeded. the first quarter of an hour, with Cabrera struggling and dividing the game in the middle and enabling the wingers who seemed to be having a good afternoon.

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Nevertheless, at 11′ of the first half, Alejandro Cabrera was injured and Banfield began to lose the battle in the middle. And Godoy Cruz, with little, began to balance the process. The ball passed more by the feet of Acevedo and Abrego, Ojeda managed to filter behind the backs of the local midfielders and Badaloni complicated from below and above. In fact, he crashed a header on the crossbar after a cross from Martín Ojeda and a little while later, after a well canceled goal against Breitenbruch at the request of the VAR, he scored in the 44th minute, 1-0 after a great collective play that he resolved with a violent shot before goalkeeper Facundo Cambeses left.

Banfield reacted in the second half and made enough merits to tie it. Andres Chavez nailed the 1 to 1 after a penalty that José Canale committed to the Colombian Mauricio Cuero. And he had another clear situation that was covered down by goalkeeper Diego Rodríguez. In the end, the two settled for not losing and shared points in a game that said little and in which Banfield added two injured to his infirmary: in addition to cabrera, Agustin Urzi he left the court resentful and joined the medical part that makes up Nicholas Bertolo, Maximiliano Cuadra, Matthias Gonzalez Y Dylan Gissi.

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