Champion Athletic Club wins its 25th trophy

The lions are back

He Sports club achieved a memorable victory in the final Copa del Reywon the trophy after an intense battle that culminated in a penalty shootout against the Mallorca. This victory not only marks the end of a 40-year drought without winning the Copa del Rey, but also shows the resilience and passion of a team that, under the leadership of Ernesto Valverde, knows how to overcome challenges. They are already preparing in Bilbao the barge.

A complicated first half

The game started with Mallorca taking the lead thanks to a solid and direct game strategy that complicated the Bilbao team. Dani Rodríguez’s goal, a magnificent goal that reflected the Balearic team’s effectiveness in crucial moments, disadvantaged Athletic, who were forced to rethink their approach.

Sports reaction

In the second half, Athletic showed why they are a team with a rich history in the competition. The arrival of Mikel Vesga was expected to add a new dimension to the Basques’ game, but it was the individual brilliance of Oihan Sancet, supported by Nico Williams, that made the draw possible and revived the red and white team’s hopes.

Basque dominance and penalty shootouts

When the score was tied, Athletic took the initiative, fueled by the tireless support of their fans. Although the team created several chances to win the game, Mallorca’s defensive stability and some crucial interventions led to the game going into extra time and later a thrilling penalty shootout.

The decisive moment

In the penalty shootout, Athletic’s coldness and precision prevailed against a team from Mallorca that fought bravely but was unable to counter the effectiveness of the Bilbao shooters. Julen Agirrezabala’s outstanding performance with important saves during the game and in the penalty shootout became one of the pillars of this victory.

A triumph for history

This title is much more than just a trophy for Athletic Club. It is a testament to a team that never gives up, that fights with heart and honors its rich football tradition. For Ernesto Valverde, this triumph symbolizes a significant personal achievement and reinforces his legacy as one of the most respected coaches in Spanish football.

Joy and jubilation are simmering in Bilbao, where a loyal and passionate fan celebrates his team’s return to the top of Spanish football. With this victory, Athletic Club not only breaks a long drought without a Copa del Rey title, but also reaffirms its identity as one of the most emblematic and popular clubs in Spain.

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