Prado takes advantage of a stroke of luck

When it comes to fighting for a title, giving your best in each race is just as decisive as taking advantage of the misfortunes of your rivals as much as you can. And that was what Jorge Prado did in the MXGP of France to not only keep his red plate, but also to get away from Herlings again in the lead. The Dutchman went from being four points behind Lugo after the first round, to finishing at 24 after retiring in the second. Prado benefited from that lucky break with third place behind Seewer and Febvre with Ruben Fernandez fourth.

The state of the sand at Villars Sous Ecot had nothing to do with that of Saturday, when the previous rains left it technical and dangerous, as Jago Geerts, MX2 leader, verified with a fall that left him out of the game, something that perhaps it would have benefited Prado instead of a track as fast as the one on Sunday. He didn’t care at first, when He made a beautiful interior to Seewer to take the lead in the first lap and try to impose his rhythm, but that was when the problems for the GasGas rider began.

Far from leaving, as he did in qualifying, Seewer would return the pass on the fourth lap with a hellish rhythm that would lead him to victory, and he would not be the only one… From behind, a Herlings would arrive launched with the opposite inertia to that of Prado, a bad start and a tremendous finish, to overtake him like Febvre, who was able to stop before, but not after. So, The man from Lugo would finish fourth in the first round just ahead of Fernández, that in the first meters it became third but then settled in fifth place until the end.

The start of the afternoon race was almost mirrored, also with Seewer snatching another holeshot to Prado, and we say ‘almost’ because this time the Swiss closed the Spaniard well where he passed him in the first race and did not give up the first position. In fact, Jorge couldn’t keep up with him because Febvre overtook him for second and chased Seewer, who he would pass to win, so the objective this time was not to lose that third place, with Fernández chasing him from fourth, and to see what Herlings was capable of after another failed start.

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The Dutchman could not solve his bad start. When he was preparing to progress from eighth place, his glasses holder broke and he had to go to the pits to change them, leaving him 19th, but his bad luck did not end there… Shortly after he retired when the right footrest of his KTM broke, a misfortune that completely changed the landscape for Prado, who certified his third place to take bronze in France with Fernández behind, fourth in the race, the grand prize and the World Cup tied with Febvre. Days like this can decide a title.

Results of the MXGP of France

Results of the MXGP of France 2023.
Results of the MXGP of France 2023.MXGP

This is how the MXGP World Championship goes

This is how the World Cup goes after the MXGP of France 2023.
This is how the World Cup goes after the MXGP of France 2023.MXGP

Guillén maintains full podiums before the break

Daniela Guillén, with the GasGas at the MXGP of France 2023.
Daniela Guillén, with the GasGas at the MXGP of France 2023.John Paul Acevedo

In WMX, Daniela Guillén does not stop hanging one bronze after another by repeating the third place of the first race in the second. On the one hand, he’s good because he still doesn’t get off the podium and it’s already four out of four, but on the other, he can’t help but courtney duncan keep moving away in the lead. The New Zealander scored the fourth victory followed by her and leaves the Spanish, still second in the World Cup, at 20 points, an important distance with four sleeves to play. Of course, the next one in the Netherlands is in mid-August, so Daniela has time to prepare her final attack well.

Results Race 2 of France and WMX World Championship

Results Race 2 of the MXGP of France and so goes the WMX World Championship.
Results Race 2 of the MXGP of France and so goes the WMX World Championship.MXGP

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