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Popocatépetl, the volcano at the gates of Mexico City, remains under close surveillance

The Popocatépetl volcano, 70 km southeast of Mexico City, continued to emit gas and ash on Tuesday, according to authorities who maintain an alert level just below the maximum danger threshold. The volcano, which rises to 5,426 meters, also emitted incandescent material that resembles red lava during the previous night, noted an AFP photographer. Ashes covered cars in a village in the state of Puebla.

Two explosions were recorded, as well as an earthquake associated with the movement of fluids inside the volcano. The authorities thus raised the alert level on Sunday from “yellow 2” to “yellow 3”, due to an increasing activity of the volcano which had led on Saturday to the closure for a few hours of the two airports which serve the capital Mexico City. This is the level just before the red alert of maximum danger.

“His intensity has diminished. It emits less ash, said President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. We keep each other informed night and day. Let’s not be alarmed. We watch the grain. The Popocatepetl (“smoking mountain” in Nahuatl) volcano awoke in 1994 after nearly 70 years and has since experienced several bursts of activity. In 1997, his ashes had covered Mexico City and its region.

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