Home Entertainment A nun kept her companion’s remains in Chile for a year

A nun kept her companion’s remains in Chile for a year

Una monja guardó los restos de su compañera durante un año para cumplir un «pacto» que hicieron

A nun left her companion’s remains on a road after keeping them for at least a year to fulfill a pact she made with them.

Authorities are investigating the strange case after finding these human remains in a suitcase left by the nun on a street in Santiago de Chile.

In this way, the discovery aroused the concern of citizens who thought it was a crime.

The videos from the surveillance cameras confirmed that they were not criminals, but an 80-year-old nun who had allegedly made a pact with her companion.

According to the police version, the nuns wanted to accompany each other beyond death and therefore promised each other not to leave each other.

“There was a pact here. “The person died a year ago and the other has kept it in a suitcase ever since out of love for him,” subprefect Juan Fonseca told the press.

The uniformed officers were able to identify the woman by recognizing the habits she was wearing near the area where she left the suitcase containing the remains.

How was the death recorded?

Police investigations revealed that the 58-year-old nun died in April 2023 as a result of an illness.

However, the nun did not notify the authorities and decided to keep the body in a warehouse. But a year later, she made a decision that left her unprotected.

The nun decided to take her companion’s remains with her in a suitcase and leave them on the street. A recycler received the suitcase, noticed a strange smell and called the authorities.

“Preliminarily, the body did not show any injuries that could be attributed to third parties,” reported Francisco Lanas, the prosecutor in charge of the case.

However, the nun decided to remove the bones because her daughter was coming home and she didn’t want her to find her friend’s remains.

“Given the likelihood that she discovered this suitcase on her friend’s body, she decided to leave it on the street.” “That’s the only logical explanation we have so far,” Lanas explained.

The woman was not arrested, but could be disciplined. In addition, the case continues to be investigated to determine the causes of death.

Authorities said these nuns did not belong to an official religious community but defined themselves as “consecrated laypeople” and hoped to spend the rest of their lives consecrated to God.

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