Penis Sizes Around the World: An Interactive Map

An interactive map lets you compare penis sizes around the world, in case you’re curious.

A interactive map produced by allows the curious to compare the size of the penis of people from all over the world.

First, it’s important to note that despite men’s concerns, likely fueled by the larger penises depicted in pornography, penis size is not that important. However, it is something that men tend to fixate on as a marker of masculinity.

“No other topic on this site has been requested more frequently than the average male genitalia size,” explains WorldData on its website, finally giving in to the demand. “This international comparison now provides some basic data on average sizes by country.”

The site, which used data from around the world, lets you compare absolute average length or length as a percentage of average height.

“In principle, length is always measured at the top, from the root of the penis to the tip of the glans”, explains the team. “If there is a fat pad above the root, it can be lightly pressed during the measurement. To measure the circumference, the circumference is usually taken at the root.

In some of the studies used, different measures were taken and therefore not included in the results. These are some selected countries

Countryerection measurementHeightheight percentage
Cameroon16.67 cm1.71 m9.75%
Bolivian16.51 cm9.84%
Sudan16.47 cm1.71 m9.63%
Haiti16.01 cm1.72 m9.32%
France6″1.78 m8.83%
Brazil6″1.75 m8.69%
Sweden6″1.80 m8.36%
Costa Rica6″1.74m8.64%
Honduras15.00 cm1.69 m8.87%
Mexico14.92 cm1.70m8.78%
Argentina14.88 cm1.74m8.54%
Pepper14.59 cm1.73m8.46%
Austria14.53cm1.78 m8.15%
Germany14.52cm1.80 m8.07%
Australia14.46 cm1.79 m8.10%
Poland14.29 cm1.80 m7.93%
Ukraine13.97cm1.80 m7.75%
Finland5.25″1.80 m7.64%
Israel13.60 cm1.76m7.75%
Japan13.56 cm1.72 m7.90%
Venezuela13.33 cm1.73m7.71%
Greece13.30 cm1.79m7.44%
Russia13.21 cm1.76m7.50%
UK5.25″1.78 m7.38%
China5.25″1.75 m7.49%
Ireland5″1.79 m7.16%
thailand4.5″1.71 m6.68%
Philippines4.25″1.65 m6.59%

In first place is Ecuador, with erect penises measuring 17.61 centimeters on average, 10.54% of the average height of 176 centimeters in that country. Spain ranks 53rd in the total list, with erect length, while the United States ranks 60th in the table, with an erect length of 13.85 cm. Below are the United States with 13.58 centimeters, 7.68% of the average height, while the United Kingdom is 68, with a penis of 13.13 centimeters, which represents 7.38% of the average height of that country.

As much as you can spend a few minutes looking at the penis map, of course you should take it with humor. While they avoided self-reported data ‘where possible’, any data used is likely to be more biased. According to a recent study, men cannot be trusted to report their own measurements and will say (as a group) that their penis is much larger than the average for their country as determined by measurement.

“The values ​​collected should roughly illustrate the relationship between penis size and its origin,” adds World Data, “rather than offering an exact assessment.”

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