Shweta Tiwari is counted among the best actresses on television. Shweta is always in the headlines, sometimes for her personal life and sometimes for her professional life, but we are talking about Shweta Tiwari’s daughter, Palak Tiwari. Like her mother, she doesn’t miss out on any possibility of being news. Palak Tiwari is still in discussion these days about her project and, at times, about her relationship with Saif Ali Khan’s son, Ibrahim Ali Khan. These two are often seen partying with friends. At the same time, even the paparazzi do not let go of their hands to capture them on camera.

In such a situation, Ibrahim Ali Khan and Palak were seen together once again. During this, the video of both became increasingly viral on social networks. After the video surfaced, people again started trolling them both. However, this time the reason was different. A video of Palak Tiwari and Ibrahim Ali is going increasingly viral. In the video, Ibrahim and Palak are seen together again. This time they are being trolled because neither of them gave any money to the beggars. On social media, people are seen swearing at these star children.

However, some people are also seen supporting Palak and Ibrahim Ali Khan. Palak Tiwari was seen in the video leaving the restaurant with some of his friends. Then a woman arrives with the child on her lap and asks Palak for money. But she leaves without paying attention to him and sits down to work. At the same time, Ibrahim Ali Khan was also seen leaving the restaurant behind Palak. As soon as he sits in the car, the woman starts asking him for money. But they don’t give either and close the car door. People do not like this behavior of Palak and Ibrahim at all.


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