A few days after the punishment that Álvaro Cervera imposed on the seven players who went out to party after the game against Rayo Vallecano (Among those who was not Osmajic) another similar issue comes up again. Milutin Osmajic went out to party yesterday by a disco on the Paseo Marítimo and the night did not end as he expected. As Diario de Cádiz assures, after starring in two fights and taking a bottle to the head, the National Police arrived to put order.

The first fight took place inside the establishment, where the Cádiz striker took the bottle to the head. Finally, under the influence of alcohol, he was expelled from the premises. Already in the middle of the street was when Osmajic starred in the second altercation and when the security forces had to intervene.

The Cádiz squad enjoyed the day off today and Milutin Osmajic decided to go out at night by not having training the next day, but his plans were cut short. The footballer has just arrived from his international matches with the Montenegro National Team. So far he has had a secondary role in the Cádiz squad. In preseason they impressed his goals, but once the season started, the forward has only enjoyed 162 minutes participating in six games.

Now we have to wait and see how the departure and the altercations that take place sit on his coach Álvaro Cervera. A coach who has already shown in the game against Valencia that his pulse does not tremble when it comes to leaving all those footballers he deems necessary on the bench. After seeing the punishment of his teammates, the Cadista coach is expected to take the measures that he stipulates.


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