Oppo Watch Free: with more than 100 sports and affordable price

With a cost from 80 dollars (about 70 euros), the new Oppo Watch Free is ready to accompany you in more than 100 sports.

But it also cares about your health and well-being, which is why it is equipped with an optical sensor for measuring blood oxygen and an optical sensor for heartbeat.

Oppo Watch Free Specifications

Oppo watch for free

Equipped with a 230 mAh battery, capable of charging in 75 minutes, the Oppo Watch Free offers a battery life of up to 14 days. But beware, according to the brand, these 14 days are only recorded if the wearable is in saving mode.

The AMOLED screen, in curved glass, is 1.64 inches and 326 dpi. It includes Bluetooth v5 and it is through this connection that it connects to any Android 6.0 or higher device or, alternatively, iOS 10.0 or higher.

New Oppo smartwatch with more than 100 sports

Oppo Watch Free is ready for more than 100 sports, including skiing, badminton, cricket, swimming, kayaking, and many others. However, it can automatically follow four modes. Namely: running, walking, elliptical machine and rowing machine.

You can also choose one of 100 watch faces. Better: Using an image of your outfit, you can generate new dials that match what you are currently wearing.

monitor sleep

With 32.6 grams and a rectangular polycarbonate and fiber frame, Oppo Watch Free monitors the user’s sleep, snoring and daily activity. And to ensure activity, you can send reminders of sedentary habits, in order to avoid the lack of regular exercise.

Integrated optical sensors measure the oxygen level in your blood and monitor your heart rate. It is also waterproof and features a six-axis motion sensor and an ambient light sensor.

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Oppo smartwatch costs just over 70 euros

Oppo’s Watch Free model also promises to be one of the most affordable on the market. For now, the advanced prices are 90 dollars, or 76 euros, for the version that includes NFC and 85 dollars, something like 72 euros, for the version that does not integrate this functionality.

In addition, it is also equipped with an e-sports mode that diverts all your smartphone notifications to Watch Free during a run, for example. For now, this feature is only supported on Oppo Find X and Oppo REno 6 series models.

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