MOSCOW: A report on Russian television has caused a stir in the British House of Commons by saying that only a Russian missile could wipe Britain off the face of the earth.

In this regard, a Russian journalist says in his report that a single Russian “Sarmat missile” is enough to drown Britain.

In response to recent British threats, a Russian journalist said on television that Britain was a small island, enough for a Russian anti-aircraft missile to sink forever.

According to the report, Russian journalist Dmitry Kasylov reacted to Britain’s recent threats against Russia in a television program, saying that Russia could drown Britain in the deep sea.

He said in a program on Russia’s Channel 1 that the Poseidon torpedo that Russia had recently unveiled could sink Britain into the depths of the sea.

Kasilov said in response to recent British threats against Russia why they were threatening Greater and Greater Russia with their nuclear weapons when it was only a small island and Britain could be destroyed by Russian nuclear weapons.

The Russian journalist said that Britain is a very small island which is enough to sink a missile forever.

A few days ago, the Secretary of the British Armed Forces James Hippie said that if Ukraine used British weapons to attack targets on Russian soil, they would consider it fair.

Russia’s Sarmat missile is capable of carrying 10 or more nuclear warheads and can hit US or European targets thousands of miles away.