One of Japan’s most wanted criminals has been found on his deathbed

In a surprising turn of events, Japanese authorities confirmed the identity of Satoshi Kirishimaone of the most wanted criminals in the country, the rrevealed his true identity on his deathbed on January 29th. Kirishima, 70, was an active member of the East Asian Anti-Japanese Armed Fronta left-wing militant group responsible for several deadly attacks in the 1970s.

Japanese police had been searching for Kirishima for decades in connection with his death suspected involvement in terrorist attacksincluding the Bomb placement and detonation At home in the district Ginza of Tokyo in 1975. Although this attack caused no casualties, the group he belonged to, known for attacks on businesses in the Japanese capital, carried out an attack Actions in which eight people died and more than 160 were injured in an attack on a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries building.

The story behind one of Japan’s greatest criminals

Despite the intensive police search and the widespread distribution of his image on posters across the country, Kirishima managed to evade capture all these years. He is believed to have lived a relatively discreet life under a false name in the city of Fujisawa, on the western edge of Tokyo Hiroshi Uchida. Neighbors described him as a quiet and serious man, although he was musically inclined and played the guitar in his room after drinking.

The twist in the story came when Kirishima sought treatment for a Cancer terminal in a hospital, revealing his true identity. From there, the police confirmed his connection with the East Asian Anti-Japanese Armed Front through interviews and tests DNA. Although Kirishima denied some of the allegations in his final days, authorities said he revealed details about his family and activities in the group that only he could know.

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The investigation is ongoing

Authorities are now investigating whether anyone helped Kirishima remain undetected all this time. The files were forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office from Tokyo for review, and police continue to investigate this surprising case that has puzzled many in Japan.

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