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Nothing Phone (1) reveals a unique feature before the presentation (video)

Nothing is a young technology company founded by Carl Pei (founder of OnePlus) that is preparing to launch its first smartphone. This team will be known as Nothing Phone (1) and its official presentation is scheduled for July 12.

However, the company allied itself with the well-known youtuber MKBHD to reveal the unique look of the transparent back of your new product. The Nothing Phone (1) will come with small built-in LEDs for various purposes.

Glyph Interface makes Nothing Phone (1) a unique product on the market

The various LEDs on the back of the Nothing Phone (1) are part of what the company has dubbed the Glyph Interface. It is a platform for customizing the behavior of these LEDs on the back of the smartphone.

First of all, it is important to note that we have some LEDs around the camera of the Nothing Phone (1), the wireless charging coil, a line in the upper right corner and another next to its charging port. With them, Nothing knew how to get the most out of the back of its first smartphone.

glyph interface

An example of this is the LED next to the charging port that shows the charging process of the smartphone. That is, whenever you want to know how much battery you have recovered, you just have to shake the Nothing Phone (1) and the respective LED will give you this information.

These LEDs can all be turned on at the same time, as an additional light source, or configured for various purposes. The most obvious, and that users will appreciate, is the possibility that they serve as notification LEDs.

Nothing goes further and will allow the user, through the Glyph interface, to customize the LEDs on the back of the product. These can correspond to different sounds that can also be assigned to different contacts or notification types.

The MKBHD video is quite illustrative of the potential of Glyph Interface. This characteristic is the protagonist of the video in question and the only detail that youtuber was authorized to share with his followers.

As interesting as the Glyph interface looks, this will force many users to use Nothing Phone (1) without a protective cover or with a transparent cover. Otherwise, they will no longer be able to enjoy the most disruptive detail of this product.

As mentioned above, the official presentation of Nothing Phone (1) is scheduled for July 12. Only on that date will we know all the details of this smartphone and surely the first reviews of the product.

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