Netflix stops payments via Apple Pay

If you use streaming services, you most likely have Netflix, the most popular service in the world. However, if you pay for your subscription through Apple, you may get an unexpected surprise.

Recently, Netflix has decided to no longer allow its customers to pay for their subscriptions through Apple.

This was explained by Netflix spokesman MoMo Zhou “Basic plan members who used iTunes payment method” From now on you will have to pay directly through Netflix.

If you paid for your streaming service subscription through iTunes, this change affects you. However, this change probably won’t affect you since most users don’t pay for their subscription through Apple.

The reason for this change is related to the 30% commission that Apple charges for all transactions in the App Store. This fee has already led to Netflix no longer offering subscriptions through Apple and new customers being forced to sign up and pay directly through Netflix in 2018. So if you signed up after this point, this change will not apply to you.

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