Natalie Portman Says Women Are Expected To Behave Differently From Men At Cannes

In a meeting with the press of her film “May December”, at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, this Sunday, the actress Natalie Portman41, drew attention from society because of the expectations it has about how women should behave, which for her is different from what they expect from men.

“I mean, even here, the different ways that women are expected to behave, even at this festival, compared to men. How are we supposed to dress, how are we supposed to behave, ”Portman said of the femininity themes covered in his new film.

“Expectations of us are different all the time, and that affects how we behave, whether you believe it, reject it, or do something in between. Definitely the social structures that fall on us define us”, continued the Oscar winner.

According to EFE, Gracie is a 59-year-old woman who is married to Joe (Charles Melton), with whom she has had a relationship since he was 13 years old. And Portman is Elizabeth, a well-known actress who is going to star in a movie about the couple’s history, so she travels to Maine to meet them and be part of her lives for a few days.

“The whole movie has a lot to do with acting and the different roles we play in different settings, for different people, even for ourselves,” he explained.

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