Recently, Mahesh Babu’s comment on Bollywood at the ‘Major’ trailer release created a storm. In many reports, Mahesh Babu said that “Bollywood can’t afford it” even though she received many offers. The stardom and the respect that I get here is huge, so I never thought of leaving my industry and going to another industry,” said the actor.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt said in a recent conversation that there was no reason for the uproar over Mahesh Babu’s statement. He said, “If Bollywood can’t pay his price, great. I wish him all the best. I respect him no matter where he comes from. He’s got talent and ‘X’ price for that talent.” a very successful actor and considering the requirement of what he wants to achieve in terms of satisfaction from our films, if Bollywood cannot meet the expectations of him, nothing is wrong with this. Wish you all the best”.

Mukesh Bhatt further said, “Why should anyone be angry at someone’s price? If I want to work for someone for free, that is my choice. If I am charging Rs 100 crore for something, that is my choice. I also have my choice. Having That being said, there is no set price in our industry. I have worked with an actor who was originally working for half the quoted price and vice versa. Here, the director, the actors, the heroes and their fees are on a person to person basis. in our associations. This industry is a dispensary for human emotions.”

Mukesh Bhatt said, “Several factors determine the price of an actor, director or film. It depends on your actor’s relationship with the producers or his desire to work with a particular filmmaker. Sometimes it happens that if an actor has the desire to work with a very successful director and when this happens, the actor stops working for free or some people struggle to work. I respect that feeling and we work on those feelings.”


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