Home Sports MI’s tension did not end after defeating LSG

MI’s tension did not end after defeating LSG

MI's tension did not end after defeating LSG

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Rohit Sharma Hardik Pandya IPL 2023

Mumbai Indians vs. Gujarat Titans: The Chennai Super Kings team, four times IPL champions, reached the final and they are preparing to win another title. At the same time, LSG has now become one of the teams that have been ruled out of IPL 2023. Now there are only three contenders left. Meanwhile, Mumbai Indians have cleared another hurdle to win the IPL trophy for the sixth time by defeating LGC. But the tension between the Mumbai Indians and Rohit Sharma is not over yet. There is a great challenge ahead, which will not be easy to overcome, but it is also necessary. As usual Mumbai Indians started late this time as slow but now they are winning their matches continuously.

Fourth team to enter the Mumbai Indians playoffs

Mumbai Indians have so far won the IPL title five times. The special thing about this is that every time the team captain has been Rohit Sharma. Out of the four teams that qualified for the IPL 2023 playoffs, Mumbai Indians were the only team to make it to the playoffs despite having a negative net run rate. But the team won so many games that there was no question of the net run rate. The team was ranked number four. But if we look at the history of the IPL for about 15 years, it is known that the team that qualified for the playoffs by staying at number four has become champion very few times. Most of the titles have been won by the number one and two ranked teams.

Mumbai Indians need to beat Gujarat Titans to reach the final

The good thing for the teams that are number one and two in the IPL points table is that they get two chances to reach the final, while the number three and four teams lose a match and it’s game over. Also, the team at number three and four has to win at least two consecutive games. Now take this year. Gujarat Titans were at number one and CSK at number two. CSK won one match and directly into the final. While Gujarat Titans have lost but even after this they will get another chance. On the other hand, the MI team has won an LSG match, but the ticket for the final has not yet been found. He still has to win one more match, only then will the team be able to enter the final.

CSK to face GT or Mumbai Indians in IPL 2023 final

It will not be easy for the Mumbai Indians to overtake the Gujarat Titans, the team that came number one in the points table by winning their back-to-back matches, will lose two back-to-back matches, their chances are slim. Out of the three matches played between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans in the IPL so far, MI have won two matches while GT have won one. Anyway, Hardik Pandya was previously a part of the Mumbai Indians but was later released and became the captain of GT. It means that Hardik Pandya knows and understands Rohit Sharma’s strategy very well. It must be seen that when Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya face each other, which team wins this time, but this is sure that the match will be tough and thorny.

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