Home Sports Mirotic: “It’s probably the hardest day of my career”

Mirotic: “It’s probably the hardest day of my career”

Mirotic: "It's probably the hardest day of my career"

Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the Final Four in Kaunas 66-78 in a match in which Nikola Mirotic, the Catalans’ benchmark player, left empty-handed. and contributing only three points, all in the last quarter: 1/2 on 1-point shots, 1/3 on 2-point shots and 0/7 on 3-pointers. The player, at the end of his performance, was saddened. It is another important Clásico in which he performs below what was expected of him.

in words for DAZN it said this: “First of all, congratulate Real Madrid for the great game that they had a great game. It has much merit. Now it is difficult to draw conclusions. I assume a large part of the responsibility because I have not been at the level that was expected of me. To the fans, I’m sorry. People have been once again, as always. And right now, little more to say. It is a very hard day”. Later, in the mixed zone with more journalists, and with statements collected by RAC1he elaborated a little more: “It has been a disaster from start to finish. And I can’t explain why. Without a doubt, it will probably be the toughest day of my career.”.

Barcelona will face on Sunday, as happened last year, the match for third and fourth place. There will face Monaco de Obradovic at 4:00 p.m. on the same stage.

Satoransky: “There is a lot of pressure”

“We wanted to solve it on our own and we didn’t work as a team, something we had done in recent months. We rush many times”

“We were very bad in attack and in other things, it is difficult to explain”

“I don’t know what can go through the head of each player. There is a lot of pressure, but the truth is that some of us have not been well. Difficult to explain it by others. Today we wanted to win so much that we didn’t work as well as a team.”

Abrines: “It’s not Madrid’s fault”

“It’s not Real Madrid’s fault, the problem was ours. We have controlled the first part, but we have not been faithful to our game and if you let them, then this happens “

“We cannot finish the season blank. We have to go all out in the Endesa League. We will be back”

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