Michael Keaton returns as Batman after “The Flash”? His answer

Despite the lukewarm reception of “ The Lightning » at the box office and among fans who aimed to celebrate the universe DC with a particular focus on cameos, including the notable return of Michael Keaton In Batmanthe future of the latter in the universe DC is not sealed. During an interview with the podcast “ Happy, sad, confused“, Michael Keaton suggested a return under the guise of a vigilante Gotham was not out of the question and emphasized that under the right conditions nothing is impossible.

I don’t think about it much…Never say never” said Keatonadded that his future as Batman depended on various factors. This caveat suggests that despite the financial and critical failure of “ The Lightning“The door remains open Keatonwhose interpretation of the character remains iconic for many fans.

It is interesting to note that the presence of Keaton In ” The Lightning » had a positive impact on the sale of derivative products Batman, signaling a continued interest and nostalgia for his version of the character. This anomaly in the reactions to the film underscores the special status of Keaton within the universe DCpotentially making him an exception in studios’ future thinking about exploiting the universe Batman. That was one of the few good points of the filmAndy Muschetti.

While ” The Lightning » could have marked a low point for the cinematic universe DC in terms of reception and financial performance, comments from Keaton reveal a glimmer of hope for fans who want to see him return to the role of the Dark Knight. The possibility of a return from Keatoneven after such a setback, is a testament to the enduring strength of his legacy as Batman and the complexity of narrative decisions within the universe DC. It remains to be seen what the new General Staff of the Universe plans to do. DCThat means James Gunn and Peter Safranwith the character.

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