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Mesut Ozil: A big fan of cryptos! athlete adoption continues …

The former German International and 2014 world champion fell in love with cryptocurrencies. Ozil joins the other stars of the ball who have invested in the world of digital currencies.

Recently, Japanese star Keisuke Honda created his own cryptocurrency called “ KSK Honda Coin “. Another important figure in the world of football who has embarked on the cryptoversy; James Rodriguez. Colombian international and current Qatari club player Al-Rayyan FC has launched the JR10 token.


Apart from the desire to launch a cryptocurrency, Mesut Ozil is interested in tokens already installed on the market. Yesterday, he launched a poll on Twitter, asking his followers to choose between Bitcoin or Ethereum. Survey in which more than 200,000 people took part.


A type of questioning that often returns to the level of the crytosphere to know which of the two will win the battle for dominance. The current Fenerbahce player also wants to know which of the two to choose. He posted:

Let me ask you the question everyone is asking: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

A poll that saw bitcoin have the favor of supporters of Ozil over Ether. In fact, out of 212,634 respondents, 55.7% of the participants chose bitcoin. As a reminder, the dominance of BTC is at 46.2% while that of Ethereum is only 17.7%.

The largest institutional investor in bitcoin, Michaël Saylor appears to have taken part in the investigation. Commenting on the poll, he posted:

After studying this issue for over a thousand hours, we bought $ 3.16 billion in #bitcoin because we wanted an institutional grade store of value to protect us from inflation.

Ozil plans to launch a cryptocurrency

Recently, the ex player has made it known that he wants to launch his own cryptocurrency, exchangeable in the same way as bitcoin or ethereum. Unlike other athletes who have thrown Fans tokens or NFTs stamped in their image, Ozill’s approach is quite different. Ozil’s digital currency is sort of a footballer’s marketing strategy to gain popularity for his clothing brand.

Ozil token holders will have the advantage of receiving coupons on the purchase of M10Streetwear brand equipment. They will also give them the possibility of being able to meet in person, the former German glory.

It’s a pretty daring strategy but one that should stimulate the adoption of cryptocurrencies even more. If the token hits the mark, it should have a huge impact on sales of Ozil’s branded clothing.

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