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Shiba Inu (SHIB) reaches the green zone and can rise quickly from here

Litecoin (LTC) koers: groene zone als opstap naar hogere prijzen

Shiba Inu (SHIB), a memecoin with a huge community and diverse projects, is the focus of our attention today.

We examine the price prediction for SHIB, supported by analysis from our Discord environment where members regularly share updates, insights and predictions about the future of crypto.

Technical analysis SHIB price

Crypto Insiders analysts recently shared a new SHIB analysis in the Discord group. They explained the following:

SHIB recently exited the “Blue Box” and the price found support in the “Golden Pocket”. This indicates a strong base for the price. Recently, we have observed a change in market structure in the short term, suggesting that SHIB is poised for further upside.

The price is now back in a promising range, which makes us optimistic for the near future. WWe expect SHIB to begin a rise from $0.00002482 to the order block at $0.00003589, a level that has served as resistance in the past.

This development could provide SHIB with a great opportunity for further growth, supported by recent positive changes in the price structure and support from critical zones on the chart.

Date of analysis: April 23rd. Link to trading view:

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