Puerto Rican singer Marconi Impara released the song titled ”Yakelin” in collaboration with the Dominican Messiah, one of the exponents of hip hop and Hispanic urban music.

According to the Rimas record label, the song was composed by Marconi Impara and Messiah and recorded in the city of Miami with the sound engineer Well.

The production of the theme was in charge of Urba & Rome “Los Evos”. ANDThe video recorded in Boca de Yuma, Dominican Republic under the production of Rodrigo Films.

Following the success of their previous release “Nostalgia”,that already has more than a million views on the official YouTube channel, Marconi presents this new single that is accompanied by strength, metrics and rhymes so characteristic already in Marconi and to which this artist born in Puerto Rico brings us accustomed, cradle of the urban genre.

"Yakelin" is a trap in Spanish focused on a street and urban environment. It has more than 400,000 visits on the YouTube platform.



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