Melania’s conundrum with her husband Donald Trump

The world met her eight years ago when her husband won the US presidential election, and since then, Melania Trump has been a face to watch. On the crucial “Super Tuesday” on March 5, he did not appear in any of the key states. We also haven’t seen her with the former president in any of the numerous jobs she’s held as a lawyer in recent months, one of which involves paying campaign money to a porn actress in exchange for her silence about an alleged sexual affair with Trump . Melania always showed herself unwavering, and if he managed to avoid being seen in public, all the better.

According to a book by Katie Rogers about the wives of American presidents: Melania “prevented many things from being on her agenda” during his time in Washington. She didn’t like it, “it’s just different,” her husband even justified her lack of public presence.

The former first lady stepped in front of the cameras again this past weekend in Florida and finally interacted with them. True to form, Melania was quite ambiguous when the media asked her if she would be attending more often from now on. “Hold on,” he replied with a smile. Stephanie Grisham, his former communications director, said in an interview with The New York Times that “that’s the answer he gives when he doesn’t want to commit to anything.”

We are very attentive because Mrs. Trump (53 years old) has never hidden her disinterest in working for her husband to become President of the United States again. There are people around him who claim that he cried when Donald Trump He won the 2016 presidential election.

Although she has attended some of her husband’s rallies recently to woo voters, she always remains in the rearguard, hidden and away from the spotlight that the former president so craves.

It’s no secret that he didn’t like having to live in the White House for four years, and now it seems no different. But the public loves her (some experts suspect she is more sorry for what she endured because of the former Republican president’s scandals) and at public events she adds more rather than less.

There are people who suspect that Melania has “no intention” of participating in her husband’s third campaign because “she doesn’t feel well,” sources close to her told People magazine. In true Trump style, she asserted the opposite in an interview with Fox News in May, saying that Donald has her “support and we hope to restore hope for the future and lead the United States with love and strength.” .” “

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Now, campaign rallies in remote towns are one thing and a reception by a foreign leader is quite another. Melania did not hesitate to accompany her husband to his meeting with the autocratic Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Florida. An emergence from hiding that came shortly after a protest by MAGA supporters over the woman’s absence from her husband’s campaign events.

Donald Trump is fully aware of how difficult it is for his wife to face the public and be the target of cameras. “A lot of first ladies want to go out, they want to be everywhere,” he said in an interview four years ago, “if I didn’t introduce her, she would be happy.” The Republican leader assures that much of the attention goes to his wife Barron Trump , the 17-year-old son they both have. “His life revolves around this boy. At the same time, it is also about our country. He has raised a lot of money for charity. “He’s a private person,” he said at an event in South Carolina in February.

During the Republican National Convention eight years ago The former first lady didn’t get off to a good start. Melania read a speech that was already familiar to many listeners. They had heard it before. And some sentences were a copy of the text that Michael Obama read at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. It was then that Melania realized that every movement, reaction or answer would be analyzed through a thousand magnifying glasses.

While she was almost absent from the tycoon’s public events during the 2016 election campaign, this time her presence is even smaller and experts are wondering what role she will play until November and what position she will take if her husband wins presidential elections again. Now that she has experience and knows the rules of the election game, the question arises as to whether she is ready to take part.

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