Medvedev sets date for end of war in Ukraine: “May they burn in hell!”

The Ukraine war continues after almost 600 days. A conflict that knows no end, and while Russia continues to bombard Ukrainian cities, Kiev maintains its counteroffensive of attacks and bombardments against Russian troops. After more than a year and a half, this dispute seems to have finally been settled in Europe, although the Vice-President of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, has created a possible “end-of-the-war file”.

The former Russian president on Tuesday accused Ukrainian authorities of committing an eight-year genocide in the Donbass region in the east of the country. In addition, Medvedev stressed that the United Nations International Commission of Inquiry into Violations in Ukraine did not find sufficient evidence of crimes committed by the Russian army that could be classified as genocide, stressing that some of these crimes were “of unknown origin”.

“If the members of this commission really want to uncover genocide and war crimes in Ukraine, they should stop acting like blind moles.”, he said before urging people to “look in the right direction”. “To objectively assess the ruthless manner in which he drowned the Donbas in blood for eight years, until Russia launched a special military operation,” he said.

The former Russian President wanted to ensure that The military special operation will “not end until the goals are achieved”. “Precisely for this reason, the special military operation must continue until the full realization of its objectives. Until the final victory over those who humiliated and exterminated their own people for eight years”, in connection with the Russian annexation of Crimea and the conflict that broke out on the territory from 2014.

“Until the final victory over those who abused and exterminated their own people for eight years”, has previously indicated that they should be condemned. “Let them burn in hell!” he decided.

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