Mbappé takes the step

The Mbappé soap opera is far from having come to an end. In fact, There is already a date for the Parisian to finally be a Real Madrid player: summer 2024. The 24-year-old Frenchman remains totally determined to make his dream of playing for Real Madrid come true. He sees that time is passing and at PSG the dream of winning the Champions League has become a utopia. His wish would be to leave Paris this summer, but the French club does not seem willing to open the door for him, except for a major surprise. So everything seems to indicate that he will have to wait until 2024 to settle his ‘pending account’ with Madrid. Mbappé is convinced to take that step and He has already told high-level authorities in the Madrid environment that he will be a white player, at the latest, in the 2024-25 season.

The contract renewed last spring linked him to PSG until 2025 in the event that the Parisian team won the Champions League. Otherwise, as has happened when he was eliminated in the round of 16, the forward’s link with his current team ends in 2024. It would only be extendable for one more year if Mbappé wishes, something that the footballer has decided not to do. According to sources close to the player, he assures that nothing and no one will be able to make him change his mind or hinder his departure to Madrid. He has already served France, as the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron asked him to do last year, and he believes that it is time to think of himself and wear white as soon as possible. In fact, according to those same sources, The footballer has scheduled a meeting with the board of the French team at the end of the season to analyze the PSG project and convey his desire to play for Real Madrid. Everything seems to indicate that the leaders of the Parisian club will continue to close the exit door. In that case, Mbappé will have to follow one more course in Paris to disembark in Madrid in 2024.

In any case, Real Madrid has decided that it will not make any false move for Mbappé again. The bad experience of last season will not be repeated. The player will have to be the one who paves the way to arrive at the Santiago Bernabéu. Only when the player born in the Parisian district of Bondy manages to free himself completely from PSG, the operation for his transfer to Madrid will start. In fact, in the Valdebebas offices they are clear that there will be no type of negotiation with Paris Saint Germain and that the footballer will stop at the Bernabéu as long as it is with the letter of freedom under his arm.

As to the economic terms of Mbappé’s future contract with Madrid, these will be similar to those that had been agreed for the supposed case that he had signed last year. The operation will not find obstacles in this regard. It is not even ruled out that he could lower his economic claims.

And once released from PSG, Mbappé will still have a task to solve: win the approval of Real Madrid. The Bernabéu does not forget the affront of a year ago, when it decided to leave Madrid planted, without prior notice, to renew in Paris. The white fans are very hurt by the behavior of the Parisian star. The affection that he showed him on March 9, 2022, in the form of a historic ovation, during the run-up to the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, has turned into contempt and rejection.

This being the case, the Frenchman will have to do a great job of cleaning up his image to win back the hearts of Real Madrid, because The most difficult thing in Madrid is not to arrive, but to be able to conquer the demanding white fans game after game. At the moment, the Parisian has the Bernabéu stands against and uphill.

In fact, in all the surveys carried out by the different Spanish media the fans prioritize the signing of Haaland before that of Mbappé, although the option for both to end up in Madrid in 2024 is feasible, since by not having to pay a transfer for the Frenchman, the Meringue coffers would have the capacity to assume the signing of the Norwegian striker from Manchester City.

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