Mariachis, selfies and other videos left from Blink 182’s visit to CDMX

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Blink 182 is visiting CDMX where they will be playing 4 concerts. And fans have apparently met the band members when they performed in the capital or were serenaded by mariachis. What envy!

After 20 years, Blink 182 fans in Mexico are in disbelief. And the American group returns to our country to give not one, but four concerts Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker will remind us of the days when our knees didn’t hurt.

Many lucky people have already seen the magic of Blink 182 at the Tecate Pal’ Norte in Monterrey, where they gave us a setlist with several songs like… “Aliens Exist,” “I Miss You,” “All the Little Things,” “How Old Am I Again?” and others on the second day of the royal feast.

blink 182 tecate pal norte 2024
Blink-182 at Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024. Photo: Stephania Carmona.

After sharing jokes about royals marrying cousins ​​and other jokes like your uncle makes at Christmas dinner, Tom and Co. have already traveled to the nation’s capital to perform the four concerts scheduled for April 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th in the Sports Palace.

Of course, the fans of Blink 182 are really looking forward to this event because The band hasn’t visited Mexico in two decades and this 2024 they will do it with Tom DeLonge in the lineup and new songs from the album “One More Time” that they released last year.

5 points that made Blink-182's long-awaited return to Mexico worthwhile
Tom and Mark chatted with each other and included the audience at Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024/Photo: Stephania Carmona

CDMX fans serenaded them with mariachis at the hotel

And well, how great is the euphoria of Blink 182 fans in view of these concerts On the night of Monday, April 1st, many went to a well-known hotel on Paseo de la Reforma to greet DeLonge, Hoppus and Barker with everything and a mariachi.

Names’, for some of us neither the groom nor the bride had these details with us, we would wish someone had such a nice gesture. Continuing with the video Chimino (which was actually recorded by Tom DeLonge himself and later uploaded to his Instagram stories):

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Like the existence of aliens, our 100% anonymous sources inform us that there were fans there waiting for Blink 182 to take a commemorative photo or occasionally sign their albums. However, The band didn’t do it after someone wanted to go after Mark Hoppus (You need to control your emotions, kids).

On the other hand, we have already seen from other photos and videos on social networks that Blink 182 were quite active during their visit to CDMX and many fans even managed to see them in different places. Tom, for example, was caught in a sportswear store in Polanco:

In fact, there are several who have already taken a photo with Travis Barker

In the case of Travis Barker, the drummer, played a role in the Cruzada establishments, a Mexican jewelry store designed and made by hand. and this post from the said store, in which the American musician can be seen, served as proof. Could it be that he wanted to buy something for his wife Kourtney Kardashian?

Mariachis, selfies and other videos left from Blink 182's visit to CDMX
Travis Barker at a CDMX jewelry store. Photo: Instagram

Travis Barker was also the most active to tell us what he does at CDMX when he visited Teotihuacán and then a restaurant with vegan products where several lucky fans finally received the enviable souvenir photo.

Mariachis, selfies and other videos left from Blink 182's visit to CDMX
Fans met Travis at a vegan restaurant in CDMX. Photo: @Moramora_mx (Instagram)
Even the staff at the vegan restaurant in CDMX insisted on taking a photo with the Blink 182 drummer. Photo: @Moramora_mx (Instagram)
Mariachis, selfies and other videos left from Blink 182's visit to CDMX
Even the staff at the vegan restaurant in CDMX insisted on taking a photo with the Blink 182 drummer. Photo: @Moramora_mx (Instagram)

Will we see more photos and videos of this in the coming days?

I don’t know about you, but It sounds to us like we’ll be finding more photos and videos like this these days Where Surely many will be able to meet their teenage idols (especially we hope for Mark Hoppus, who has not yet uploaded anything to social networks).

If so and they record/document their experiences, There they call us on the Sopitas and Sopitas FM social networks to pack content into this note that other fans will surely appreciate (or envy, whichever comes first).

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