As much as screen stars get prominence due to their work and fashion sense, their name comes into the discussion even when they are embroiled in controversies for whatever reason. Now one such case is coming to light in the Malayalam film industry, where a filmmaker has been arrested by the police.

Actually, we are talking about the Malayalam filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, who has won many awards, who has been arrested by the police. This case is related to the actress Manju Warrier, who made many complaints against the filmmaker, after which the police arrested Sanal Kumar. The actress has filed serious accusations against Sanal Kumar for blackmailing, threatening and defaming Kochi’s Elmakkara Police Station. Sanal Kumar is currently in police custody over this case. On Thursday afternoon, Sanal, 45, was reportedly arrested at his home in Parsala. After this, he was taken to Kochi, where a complaint was filed against him. During the arrest, Sanal Kumar had said on Facebook Live to kidnap a group and endanger his and Manju Warrier’s lives.

Just a week ago, the filmmaker Sanal Kumar published a publication on his social networks, in which he said that ‘Very serious: the life of the actress is in danger’. He wrote that it has been four days since I posted on social media that famous Malayalam actress Manju Warrier’s life is in danger. Let us tell you that Sanal Kumar Sasidharan has also made many excellent Malayalam movies. At the same time, he has also worked with actress Manju Warrier in the movie ‘Kayattam’.

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