Madly in love with Neelam, Govinda broke off their engagement, himself recounting how he cheated on the actress.

Govinda married his girlfriend Sunita in 1987 after his first film ‘Love 86’, but in those days not everything was going well in his love life. In an interview with Stardust in 1990, Govinda had said that he was in love with Neelam and had even broken off her engagement to Sunita in order to be with her, but Neelam did not feel the same way about him.

Govinda said he was “very aware” of Neelam. He said: “There was a difference in our backgrounds and upbringing. But little by little we overcame these barriers and I began to open up. We became friends. And we’ve done a lot of movies together. We saw each other many times and the more I got to know her, the more I liked her.” He further added: “She was the kind of woman any man could lose his heart for. I also gave my heart away.

During this, Govinda confessed that he couldn’t stop praising Neelam even in front of Sunita and that he wanted Sunita to be just like Neelam. Govinda said, “I couldn’t stop praising her. To my friends, to my family. Even to Sunita, to whom I was engaged. I would tell Sunita to change and be like Neelam. I would tell them to learn from him. I was wrong. Sunita was It irritated me. He would tell me: ‘You fell in love with me for who I am, never try to change me.’ But I was very confused. I didn’t know what to do.” They said.

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In the same interview, Govinda confessed that he “never intended to get seriously involved with Sunita. He was looking for a girl to hang out with. That’s when I met Sunita.”

Govinda had said during this time that he had hidden the matter of marriage with Sunita. However, she later realized that she shouldn’t have done it. She (Neelam) wanted a smart, well-functioning, good-looking fighter as her husband. She was from an upper class family and I was from a lower middle class family. It was rustic. We were different in every way. “As a married couple, we may never succeed. And Neelam probably realized that.” Govinda confessed that after the wedding he did not announce that he was married. Even Neelam who was working with him at the time did not know that he was a married man Govinda and Neelam worked together in many movies including Ilzaam, Farz Ki June, Love 86 Many other movies like this are included.

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