In 2015the Warner Bros. released the long-awaited film by George Miller, Mad Max Fury Road which, without being flamboyant at the box office ($374 million in international revenue for $150 million in non-marketing expenses)garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews, creating a real fan passion for this action blockbuster. Fury Road has been nominated ten times Oscars of 2015 and brought back six, all rewarding the technical side of the feature film.

At the moment, george miller actively working on the prequel to the film, Mad Max: Furiosa, which will focus on the passive of the character of the same name. If in 2015 it is Charlize Theron who embodies the former right arm of Immortan Joeit is Anya Taylor Joy who will play his young version. The film is expected on June 23, 2023 and began filming this month of March as the young actress had declared to the media variety :

“I have a quiet period until August, then I will work until halfway through 2023. The thing that makes me most excited about Furiosa is George Miller. He is incredible. I’m also excited to do something physical. »

If a prequel is on the way, fans have been pretty disappointed to not see any projects associated with it yet. Max Rockatansky, played by Tom Hardy in the movie. Miller nevertheless held, in remarks relayed by the heroic hollywood assured that he always had in mind a sequel with Tom Hardy :

mad max fury road picture tom hardy 8 scaled
Mad Max Fury Road © Warner Bros.

“We have another story, but it hasn’t fully evolved yet. We’ll see more in the future. »


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