Home Sports Lozano and Mora lead the return of AFL to Aranjuez

Lozano and Mora lead the return of AFL to Aranjuez

Lozano and Mora lead the return of AFL to Aranjuez

AFL has found a great stronghold in Aranjuez. The largest MMA company in Spain spent seven years without visiting the Community of Madrid, but since December 2021 has gone to Aranjuez three times. The next June 17 will be the fourth The communion between the public and the fighters is absolute. The pairing works and the company has sought to repeat it.

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As in the last events, the duo formed by Miguel Angel Lozano and David Mora It will be the one that leads the night. The first, resident in Aranjuez, is a idol of the masses in his municipality and he is delighted to be reunited with his audience. “I am noticing that people follow me more and more, although I prefer to be unknown and that when they discover me it is because I achieve a great goal. In Aranjuez people support me a lot. I have also tried to fight outside to have other sensations, but it has not happened for different reasons. Being able to compete at home is always special”, points out the fighter.

Lozano, undefeated in four bouts, will face the Valencian Paco Lucena (5-3). ‘Colombo’ will try to continue adding victories with the long-term goal of reaching a big league. In 2024 the AFL title could be within reach if he continues his progression, but the fighter wants to take the pressure off. “You don’t have to burn stages. We must go step by step. The goal is to win on June 17 and be able to do two more fights before the end of the year, ”he points out.

For his part, Mora (8-5), from Alcalá de Henares, will try to put his record back in the green. The man from Madrid went to Italy last March and lost to the local Pagani. “It is one more stone in the way. Although he lost, we have been improving the failures of that fight. Sooner or later the results for which we are working will come out ”, he affirms. In AFL 30, Mora will face the Moroccan Mohamed Jaghdal (7-7). War is guaranteed. “Fighting at home is always very exciting. The support is felt a lot. My rival has a good strike and that will make us see a nice battle, especially when we are in Aranjuez”, he concludes.

The evening will be held at the Agustín Marañón de Aranjuez Sports Pavilion this Saturday June 17. Tickets are now available on the AFL website. The show, which will feature oeight professional fights and eight amateurit can also be followed through DAZN thanks to AFL’s multi-year agreement with the world’s leading sports platform.

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