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Carlos Vives circulates with a

Carlos Vives circulates with a

Traitor is the least that Carlos Vives has been told on social networks. His compatriots cannot believe what they saw: a “like” from the vallenato singer-songwriter on the most recent photos together of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí. This is interpreted as a betrayal of Shakira, ex-partner of the Spanish soccer player.

On May 20, the former soccer player surprised on his Instagram account with the publication of a new photo with Clara Chía.

Among the more than 1.5 million “likes” accumulated in the image on Piqué’s Instagram, that of Carlos Vives stands out.

That “like” unleashed the storm of criticism. So far, you live “He has not said nor is this mouth mine” about this controversy in which he is involved.

Those who defend him maintain that the Colombian does not manage his networks and that It was someone from your social media team who lost the “like”.

In addition, others assure that there is no real evidence to verify the veracity of the like and that it could have been an edition.

Carlos Vives and Shakira have been friends for years and have recorded songs like “La bicicleta” together.

Last March, Vives expressed his support, respect and admiration for the Colombian, because of your marital situation.

In the middle of a conversation with ‘Europa Press’, the samarium gave his opinion on the singer’s “musical revenge” after their separation, which he titled ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53′ together with the Argentine producer Bizarrap in which he exposed the details of the breakup with his ‘ex’ and in which he also launched strong hints against the Spanish’s current girlfriend, Clara Chía.

“When you have gone through these things, you know that what you need is to love yourself, darling, and she has faced her situation in her own style. You don’t do it with your music, in your own style and she does it in her style with her music and in the end, nothing, it’s so difficult when it happens to you in life, whether you’re an artist or not an artist,” Carlos said. Do you live.

In addition, was asked about the singer’s lyrics and hints against her ex-partner Gerard Piquéto which the interpreter of ‘The land of oblivion’ replied that each one expresses the pain as they see fit.

“I want her to be happy and for everyone to be happy because in the end, when something like this breaks, you want the children to be happy, for him to be happy and find out why in the end we all come looking for happiness in life, what about that?” right?”, the Colombian concluded last March.

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